Webcology #351 – SEM Post’s First Anniversary, Delightful Remarketing

SEMPost Turns 1-Year Old, Delightful Remarketing

Air Date: July 30, 2015

A fun interview show today with special guests Jennifer Slegg and Duane Brown.

  • Jennifer Slegg is the founder and editor of The SEM Post, which celebrates it’s first year anniversary this week. The SEM Post quickly became the practitioner’s daily, the must read for search marketers and SEOs. We invited Jen on to congratulate her and talk about the challenges of covering search over the last year.
  • PPC and Performance marketer Duane Brown from Unbounce.com comes on for the last half of the show to outline effective remarketing, a technique he called “Delightful Remarketing” at Mozcon last week. Dave Davies interviews Duane about the points he made during his presentation and draws some cool insights to think about when thinking about a large scale digital campaign.

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Webcology #350 – Google Panda Slow Load plus CDNs and SEO

Google Panda Slow Load and Content Delivery Networks and SEO

Air date: July 23, 2015

The world of search is getting far more interesting and creepier at the same time. Google is having technical difficulties. Bing is barely catching up and Yahoo is all over the place. Here’s a quick run down of this week’s show:

  • Google Panda Slow Load
  • Content Delivery Networks and SEO
  • XML Sitemap counts should be correct again in Google Search Console (WebmasterTools)
  • Google lets users map their steps
  • Google wants to index your real-world experiences and make them searchable
  • Google Maps New Timeline Is a Walk Down Memory Lane
  • HTTPS acts as a dealbreaker. In the unlikely event of a ranking tie between websites, the HTTPS site should rank better.

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Backyard Analytics Ep. 6 – A/B Testing with Alan K’necht

A/B Testing with Alan K’necht – Backyard Analytics Episode 6

Learn about the methodology and how to conduct A/B tests. In this episode Alan explores A/B testing for digital marketing effort with the analogy of how lettuce grows different in different parts of his garden.

Webcology #349 – Moore’s Law Accelerates

Moore’s Law Accelerated by IBM, Google Updates the “Do Not Ask For Links” Advisory, and more…

Air Date July 9, 2015


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Backyard Analytics Ep. 5 – Seasonality with Alan K’necht

Seasonality with Alan K’necht – Backyard Analytics Episode 5

Learn how to correctly measure and use historical analytic data for evaluating any potential seasonal impact on your Key Performance Indicators (KPI).

Backyard Analytics Ep. 4 – Annotations

Annotations and the Art of Analytics – Backyard Analytics Episode 4

How to annotate and what you should be annotating so you can make sense of your analytic data 1 week, 1 month, 3 months or more from now. Alan K’necht covers the importance and what types of information must be captured and annotated to better understand your digital analytic reports.

Webcology #348 – Big Data Flies the Rainbow Filter

Big Data Flies Under the Rainbow Filter and, Yahoo Going Google over Bing

Air Date: July 2, 2015

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Backyard Analytics Ep. 3 – Data Sampling and the Healthy Lawn

Data Sampling and the Healthy Lawn – Backyard Analytics Episdoe 3

In this episode of Backyard Analytics. Alan K’necht explores the concept of “Data Sampling” buy trying to estimate how many blades are in his lawn and how many blades per square foot represent a healthy lawn. Learn how to calculate how many blades of grass on a football field through data sampling.

Backyard Analytics – Ep. 2 – Comparative Analytics

The Grass is Always Greener, aka: Comparative Analytics – Backyard Analytics Episode 2

In this episode Alan K’necht explores the concept of “Comparative Analytics” with the notion that the grass is always greener.

Webcology #347 – How Facebook Sees You and Matt Cutts Gone More

How Facebook Sees You and Matt Cutts Gone More

Air Date: June 25, 2015

A fun gumbo sorta show covering everything but the horses we rode in on.


  • Matt Cutts Extends Unpaid Leave
  • Facebook can nail an image of you with 80% accuracy, even if your face is obscured or covered. Forget privacy. That’s so over.
  • ICANN Wants to Ban Domain Privacy for Commercial Sites
  • Jim Hedger talks to co-host Dave Davies about a story about Stephen Hawking suggesting philosophy is dead in a digital age explaining that it’s like when Vroomfondle and Majikthise, representatives of the Amalgamated Union of Philosophers, Sages, Luminaries, and other Professional Thinking Persons confronted Deep Thought about answering the ultimate question about life, the universe, and everything.