Elements of Google Plus – Part Two: Explore

In the second installment in our Google + Series, we discuss more elements that will make G+ the premier social network in 2013 and beyond.


The Explore function of Google Plus allows the user to explore accounts they might not otherwise discover. Comprised of public postings from around the world, Explore will show you everything from photography, popular music, to world news. All posts are family-friendly and Safe For Work (unless you’re offended by bad amateur poetry), so there’s little (or relative) risk of offence or inappropriate materials.

Where to find it:

The Explore button is the image of a compass, and can be found in the left handed navigation bar, about halfway down the list. If you want to adjust the amount of Explore articles that appear in your home feed, it can be found in the header of Explore page, on the right hand side.


screenshot of google's explore function


How to use it:

It also allows you to determine how many posts show up in your Home feed. This function makes it easier to integrate the Explore function into your everyday life while controlling the amount that appears on your feed. You can also access the entire Explore function through its specific button on the navigation bar, where every post will be available to the public.

 Why it matters:

The Explore function has several benefits for both consumers and organizations. Its ability to expose him or her effortlessly to new ideas, art, news or products improves user ability. It allows organizations the chance to gain exposure their target demographic, and further improve ad targeting and revenues.


Bria Jordan

Bria Jordan is a Toronto-based Search Engine Optimization and Social Media Consultant. A published writer for the last 14 years, she began her career as a music journalist before moving into marketing and communications. She has recently written a series about Google Plus. Follow Bria on twitter @InfiniteSass.

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