DAM Key Players

Meet the management at Digital Always Media

Alan K’necht

Alan K'nechtFor over a decade, Alan K’necht has successfully run search marketing campaigns and multiple training courses on search engine optimization, web analytics, Webtrends, Google Analtyics, Site Catalyst, Social Media Marketing and Twitter. In 1998, he incorporated his company, K’nechtology Inc. and quickly became a recognized authority and frequent speaker at web and Internet marketing conferences around the world. He has contributed hundreds of articles to industry publications and has been interviewed by leading publications including the Wallstreet Journal, Cnet, CBC Radio, National Post, WebmasterRadio and many others.

K’necht has always strived to be innovated and practical when it comes to helping clients improve their web presences and corporate profits at the same time. In support of this, he maintains a personal blog entitled “K’necht-it“. In K’necht-it, he reports on news, gives his opinions and insight into the latest developments in web analytics, search engine optimization (SEO) and web marketing.

In a continuing desire to share his knowledge and perspective on the state of Internet/web marketing, K’necht recently completed writing (with Geri Rockstein as a co-writer) his first book entitled “The Last Original Idea – A Cynics Guide to Internet Marketing“. It is currently in the publishing process and will be released in November 2010.

Jim Hedger

Jim Hedger is an organic SEO and digital marketing specialist. Jim has been involved in the online marketing industry since 1998 and a SEO since 1999.

Best known as a prolific content writer and search industry commentator, Jim is a frequent conference speaker and organizer. He hosts the search focused radio show Webcology on WebmasterRadio.FM and is a WebmasterRadio.FM conference interviewer. Jim has also been interviewed by virtually everyone in the tech industry at one time or another and has been published in each of the major online search related trade journals. For eighteen months, Jim served as editor-in-chief of SiteProNews.

Jim brings a wealth of knowledge, experience, passion and creative thinking to each project. Preferring a teamwork approach, Jim strives to inform and train his clients and their staff to run and maintain their own search and social media efforts.