Digital Analytics

Digital Analytics Services

Digital Always Media, provides a wide array of digital analytics services. Digital analytics covers a diverse number of analytic sources and and marketing areas. This includes web analytics, social media analytics, direct marketing analytics, data mining and more.

Digital Always Media partner Alan K’necht has nearly 20 years of experience in the field of digital analytics specializing in web analytics and social media analytics while at the same time working with the ever growing and all encompassing data sources and tools that make up digital analytics. Based on this foundation of knowledge, we provided the following digital analytics services:

Web Analytics Training: We provide both remote and on-site training services for web analytic administrators and end-users for Google Analytics, Webtrends and Site Catalyst. (see: our complete list of web analytics training programs)

Social Media Analytics Training: There’s more to social media analytics than counting the number Twitter followers and Facebook likes. We teach your team how to get the most of out of free and paid analytics tools and how to apply this knowledge to improving your social media marketing campaigns (Call us to discuss your Social Media Analytics training requirements)

Web Analytics Installation & Configuration: Digital Always Media provides both on-site and remote support installing and configuring Webtrends On Demand, Webtrends On Premise  software and Google Analytics. Don’t be fooled into believing that it’s as simple as generating a small java script and placing it on your web pages. To get the most value from these tools you need to a lot more. (Contact DAM to discusses your needs)

Digital Analytics Audits: Your various analytics tools are spewing data like there is no tomorrow. What does it all mean? Is the data accurate? Is your data properly integrated to ensure the greatest accuracy and optimal measurement of ROI. DAM offers auditing services for most digital analytics tools.

Have a question about any of our digital analytics services or perhaps just a question about digital analytics? Feel free to contact Digital Always Media to arrange a complimentary call.