Universal Analytics Setup

By the end of 2014, Google is expected to require all websites currently using the Google Analytics code to upgrade to the new Universal Analytics code. Are you ready? This change is going to impact your website performance reporting and your Key Performance Indicators (KPI). DAM founding partner Alan K’necht covered how the switch to Universal Analytics will impact most organization data in this article for MarketingLand.

Highlight in the article are some minor to staggering difference that can be either an increase or decrease in KPIs. The following chart highlights the impact UA had on one of our client’s KPI reporting.

Universal Analytics vs Google Analytics compariosnIt was only be implementing a solution that allows the site to run both the old Google Analytics and Universal Analytics simulateously that we were able to capture the impact that UA has on our clients KPIs. This allowed their marketing team to prepare for the change and educate their senior management about it in advance.

Don’t wait until it is too late!
Establish a new base line for reporting today.

DAM is prepared to help you implement a tool reporting solution utilizing Google’s Tag Manger. We’ll create the tag and provide you with instructions on how to implement it within your site in order to capture the following:

  • Google Analytics tracking code (utilizing your current GA account)
  • Google’s Universal tracking (we will create the new UA account if required)
  • Capturing of downloaded documents (pdf, zip, doc, docx, PPT, xls) for both UA & GA
  • Capturing of all clicks on external links

DAM is currently charging a fixed price of $250US (plus HST for Canadian customers) for this service. DAM can also further customize the tag to capture additional information on request and assist with implement the tag, however additional charges will be applicable. Order your upgrade today and DAM will typically provide you with your code within 3 business days. We will request your URL and additional information in a form sent to you after payment.