SEO Website Audits

You’re only as good as you know you are.

The problem is you probably don’t know what you need to know.

Get impartial reviews of your organization’s digital marketing performance. Digital Always Media forensic audits encompass detailed code and analytic data reviews giving you a detailed view of how your digital marketing efforts are doing and who they are attracting. Find out if you’re reaching your desired audience or if you need to refocus your efforts.

Website & Other Digital Analytics Audits

Are your analytic tools correctly configured to provide you with quality data? Do they provide you with insights and actionable items to propel your digital marketing efforts forward?

During our audit, DAM will review every aspect of the web analtyics tool (Google Analtyics, Site Catalyst and Webtrends supported) from the implemented tracking codes to implemented filters and configuration. Once this step is completed, we’ll examine report configurations & reporting frequency to ensure you’re organization is examining the right information to make the right decisions.

When it comes to digital analytics it’s important to measure only the right data and our audits ensure that our clients are doing just that. As a result of audits many of our clients see an increase in the accuracy of their data in realm of 20 to 100%.

Search Engine Optimization Website Audit

Our SEO Audit encompasses a full and detailed review and report on your website covering site structure, code, content, navigation, links and server configuration. Is your website producing high search rankings that generate quality traffic that increase sales/leads. Find out the things you need to do to make that happen with a SEO Website Audit from Digital Always Media.

As a result of implementing DAM’s audit recommendations many of our clients have seen site traffic increases ranging from 50 to over 400% from organic search engines.

DAM provides both a basic and an in-depth audit. Both can be customized to meet your budget requirements.

Website Traffic Audits

Your website needs to attract appropriate site traffic. Our website traffic audits examine the quality of website traffic as well as the quantity. Exposing problems with strategy or execution, Website Traffic Audits quantify the quantity of your traffic and show how to attract the right kind of website visitors, the ones likely to buy your product or engage your services.

During the audit, DAM will look for functional impediments that may be stopping your customers from converting or abandoning your site. Does your site have what it takes to convert visitor traffic into customers? A DAM Website Traffic Audit will answer this question and if not, we’ll show where the problems are and how to fix them.

Social Engagement and Social Media Profile Audits

Social Engagement is not who you know or even how many people know you. It’s about how people know and relate to your organization. The social engagement audit examine if your organization is optimizing every social engagement opportunity by showing your organization if it is effectively using the proper social media platforms to reach and grow your target audience. We also examine how your social engagement efforts are configured, conducted and integrated with your website marketing presence. Most importantly, Digital Always Media will help you learn to properly optimize and measure the strength of your social media efforts.

In support to our Social Media Audits, DAM offers the following related services:

  • Social Media Engagement Training (Full or half day in-house sessions)
  • Social Media Profile Optimization

Strategic Digital Marketing Asset Audits

Are you effectively deploying your digital assets across the Web to maximize exposure for your brand and to drive customers to your products or services? Your organization creates digital marketing assets every day. Chances are you’re not using them.

During the audit, DAM will examine the use and deployment of videos, conference presentations, images, audio files, blog posts and more across the internet to ensure that your organization obtains the maximum exposure and value from your investment in these digital assets. By ensure that your organization has correctly deployed your digital assets, it can ensure the maximum brand exposure while at the same time policing its copyright over these assets.