Attract, Retain, Convert.

Digital Always Media’s job is to make your business findable and marketable on the Internet, and to attract qualified traffic to your website.

More than a general search engine marketing firm, Digital Always Media is a technical and training consultancy specializing in website marketing, social media engagement, and visitor conversion.



Digital Asset Marketing and Management

Search Marketing Services

Our process involves a lot of research, writing, hands-on service and/or the development of a collaborative working relationship with your IT team. We take large and medium sized business clients on a 6, 12, or 18 month contract basis.

  • SEO Analysis
  • PPC Analysis
  • PPC Implementation and Management
  • Search Marketing Strategy and Implementation
  • Website Optimization
  • Keyword Research and Determination
  • Content Creation
  • Link Building
  • Competitive Analysis
  • Landing Page Optimization and Testing
  • Website and/or template redesign
  • Local Search Optimization
  • In-House Training and Distance Support


For SEO Analysis, strategy and implementation, we offer the following programs.

Comprehensive Program

Our comprehensive package is ideal for engagements of six months or more. We’ll determine your targeted keywords through research; coupled with the parameters of the project, we’ll work with your marketing department to ensure actionable deliverables that meet your company’s needs. With our Comprehensive package, we offer the following:

  • In depth keyword research
  • Monthly reports based on predetermined keywords, landing pages, referring sites and search engines
  • Recommendations of future actions based on the monthly reports
  • Copies of the raw data (to be included in the appendices of all reports)


Excelled Program

The Excelled program is a more in-depth program that is offered exclusively on long term engagements of 12 months or longer. The Excelled program evolves on a regular basis, based on the behaviours of current and potential users and the relevant metrics. Our Analytics work will also evolve to reflect the emerging trends of customer behaviour to ensure more accurate search parameters.

For instance, if the first metrics report determines user behaviour that differs from the initial expectations, DAM will refocus the project with new targets, keywords and metrics. Because initial user behaviour can’t necessary be determined through initial research, the Excelled program is ideal for clients who need more research into user behaviour and psychographics.

Our Excelled Program offers the following:

Initial Phase:


  • In depth keyword research
  • Monthly reports based on predetermined keywords, landing pages, referring sites and search engines
  • Copies of the raw data


When the keyword results indicate an opportunity for fine-tuning, we will move into the secondary phase.This includes additional Keyword research and refinement, until we have the optimal targeted keywords for your project.
Subsequent monthly expectations:

  • Monthly reports based on revised keywords and metrics
  • Recommendations for future success in both marketing and SEO campaigns
  • Copies of raw data


A note about Metrics

Essentially, metrics is an umbrella term for the raw data that SEOs need to measure the progress and success of online campaigns. They are an essential method we use to quantify user behaviour for your company.

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