Digital Analtyics Training

Digital Analytics Training

analytics-150Digital Always Media partner Alan K’necht was a pioneer in digital analytics and is a frequent speaker, writer and an industry analyst on measuring social and search engine successes.

Digital Analytics is an umbrella term for a variety of ways to measure traffic from search engines or social media including; web analtyics, social media measurement, email marketing analytics and more.

Every digital interaction can be captured, measured, analysed and learned from.

DAM offers digital analytics training on the following topics:

Web Analytics Level 1 (1/2 and full day sessions)

What are web analytics? Who should be looking at them and what should they be looking at in web analytic reports?  Understanding the basics of web analytics is the main theme of this seminar.

This seminar covers critical information to anyone working on a web development, web marketing, and content creation teams. Learn the meaning behind the numbers and what are and are not important metrics to look at. This seminar is appropriate for conferences and for corporate events.

Web Analytics for the End-User (1/2 and full day sessions)

This hands-on web analytics workshop is designed for people who need to analyse website data. Taught on-site at your facility, the Web Analytics for the End-User workshop moves you well beyond unique visitor counts to setting complicated ROI metrics.

The workshop can be product neutral or can be tailored for a variety of web analytic products.  Themes and lessons can be immediately applied using your favourite web analytics tool.

We can customize/tailor this training for a variety of web analytic products. In the past these have included Webtrends, Google Analtyics and, Omniture SiteCatalyst.

Google Analytics Level 1 (half and full day sessions)

Google Analytics offers an ever increasing array of reports and customizable features. Learn how to interrupt the data presented by Google Analytics and how to accumulate, find and use critical data to maximize the success of your on-line marketing efforts.

Google Analytics Level 2 (1 – 2 Day Sessions)

Also known as, Google Analytics for End-Users, this course is for those who already know how to use Google Analytics.  The Google Analytics Level 2 Seminar is an advanced tutorial in creating, following, using, reporting, and correlating the enormous amounts of site data available from Google Analytics.

Participants are urged to take the Level 1 session or already be reasonably proficient using Google Analytics before taking this course.

WebmasterTools Training (1 and 2 Day on-site sessions available)

Google and Bing both give a great deal of information about your website and site visitors in WebmasterTools. Learn to see your website the same way search engines see them and improve both visitor experience and search engine rankings.

WebTrends End-User Training (Remote Training)

Webtrends remote end-user training sessions are comprised of several topics broken into a 60 – 90 minute session.

WebTrends End-User Training (1 And 2 Day on-site sessions available)

There are no prerequisite for these courses, just a keen interest to learn what the numbers mean, how to apply them and how to get the most out your investment in Webtrends. We provide training for all versions of Webtrends.