WebmasterTools Training

WebmasterTools Training

(1 and 2 Day on-site sessions available)

Google and Bing both give a great deal of information about your website and site visitors in WebmasterTools. Learn to see your website the same way search engines see them and improve both visitor experience and search engine rankings.

WebmasterTools is a treasure trove of information for webmasters, marketers, paid-search specialists, SEOs and others whose work places them between the source-code, the search engines, and site users.  Both Google and Bing use WebmasterTool accounts to give feedback to webmasters about issues regarding their websites. They also use features of their WebmasterTools suites too help webmasters better understand what search engines and visitors driven by search engines value on your website.

Once you’ve seen your website through the lenses and filters of WebmasterTools, you’ll never look at your site, or others’ the same way again.

This seminar moves quickly from a basic level to an intermediate and advanced level. It is of most use to people already familiar with the process of website design, structure, and maintenance.

We Cover the following and more:

  • Setting up your Webmaster Tools accounts (Google and Bing)
  • Navigating Webmaster Tools
  • Understanding the data that is available
  • Getting the most out of WebMaster Tools
  • Measuring SEO impact via WebMaster Tools
  • Identifying SEO opportunities
  • and much more


Of Interest to:

  • SEO Specialists and Managers
  • PPC Specialists and Managers
  • Webmasters
  • Web Designers and Developers
  • Usability / Accessibility Experts
  • E Commerce Website Owners

Please note: For best results, an existing Google profile is mandatory for participants in this session however, a profile can be established specifically for this session.

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