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Search Engine Optimization Training Workshops

All SEO is Local

SEO For Local Business

In this workshop, participants will learn how to understand what search engines value in a website, how to construct or alter a website in an optimal manner to get as many pages from that site into search indexes, and how to optimize content for strong rankings in general and local search engine results.

The workshop covers the search engine optimization process from keyword research to monitoring and reporting. It includes information on tools, evaluation, social media engagement, and technique.  Participants will complete a number of individual and collaborative exercises.

Participants will be required to sign-up for or use existing Google and Bing IDs..

History of Search

History of Search

A Short History of Search

Designed to give a detailed history of commercial search engines, A Short History of Search looks starts with Archie and moves quickly through two decades worth of change.

Knowing how the search marketing environment evolved is a good foundation for knowing where it is likely to go next.

This 1 to 4 hour long workshop covers virtually every major search engine and their relevance to how Google and/or Bing rank websites today. Some degree of audience participation will be required.


searchbotsHow Search Engines Work

This basic, 2-hour long workshop covers how search engine find and order information.

Designed to help businesses and newer search marketers understand the search engine environment, How Search Engines Work explains how spiders, directories, blogs, YouTube and social networks feed information to search engine databases.


Integrated SEO 2013

This is an advanced 1 – 2 day workshop looking at the new form of search engine optimization; integrated inbound marketing.

The practice of Search Engine Optimization has evolved far beyond what was considered traditional on-page and off-page SEO work. SEO has evolved into a foundation of a wider integrated marketing campaign. Far from being dead, SEO is a continuing set of tasks and techniques that are more important than ever.

This workshop starts by covering the age-old basics and moves quickly through the history of SEO, noting which tasks and techniques remain the same and which changed or dropped off the SEO drawing board entirely.

After covering the basics and general history of SEO, workshop participants will work together to define their roles as search engine optimization specialists within their organizations. This group conversation leads into an hour long segment on SEO and social media integration, and SEO and PPC coordination. We will then discuss Google Plus and Google’s merging of social and search signals.

The workshop then covers the evolving set of SEO and social media success metrics and reporting methods. This segment is especially important to SEOs and organizations that relied on keyword ranking reports.

We will then look at the core facets of website optimization based on three separate but general webmaster scenarios; SMB websites, E-Commerce websites, and national or transnational corporate websites.

The workshop concludes with a 2hour group participation session dedicated to building, maintaining, and promoting site visibility and targeted page traffic.

Participants will be required to sign-up for or use existing Google and Bing IDs.

SEO Triage Clinics

SEO Triage Clinics

SEO Triage

Every website presents a series of unique circumstances and challenges. Learning how to spot tell-tale signs of specific issues inhibiting search engine placements is critical to knowing how to optimize the site. SEO Triage is a full day (6 hour) workshop covering the visual clues, analytic data and research skills needed to best approach new projects.

Participants will be required to sign-up for or use existing Google and Bing IDs.