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Featured Training Seminar:

Up the Down Escalator of Social Media (1 day or 2 day on-site workshop)

This workshop is ideal for marketing conferences, trade shows, in-house training, corporate executive retreats or for anyone within the organization who has contact with customers or represents the company in public. This includes the sales and marketing team(s), designers, webmasters, senior management and executives.

This workshop is designed for anyone who wants to understand how the major social marketing platforms work, and how to measure progress and success in social marketing. All popular social marketing platforms are covered including; Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus, YouTube, Pinterest and Instagram.

Twitter for Business – An Introduction (1/2 day session)

twitter-basicMuch gets said about Twitter in the media. While many businesses are already taking advantage of Twitter, most marketing departments and business owners don’t understand how Twitter can benefit their business or if it’s even appropriate for them.

  • Why all the noise about Twitter?
  • How can I get more people to follow my tweets?
  • How can I use Twitter to better meet the needs of my customers?


During this three hour interactive training session, we’ll answer these questions plus you will learn:

  • Basics of Twitter
  • Choosing the right Twitter Account ID
  • Monitoring your Twitter account
  • Twitter terminology
  • How to develop a following of both existing clients and potential clients
  • More effective Tweets through article linking and the use of “hash tags”.

Sessions are limited to a maximum of 9 individuals

Twitter for Business – Advanced Engagement (1/2 day session)

Twitter can be the best way for a brand to engage with loyal consumers and grow their customer base, one message at a time.

This session also looks at tools and techniques social media managers use to keep up with conversations and create conversions in the Twittisphere.

In this session, participants will learn:

  • How to monitor multiple Twitter accounts
  • Twitter terminology and twittiqute
  • How to develop, maintain and expand your following of existing clients and potential clients
  • More effective Tweets through article linking and the use of “hash tags”
  • Integrated marketing techniques to link your Twitter efforts to those in other social media, mainstream media and search marketing campaigns

The Basics of Business on Facebook (Full day session)

facebook-basicFacebook is the largest network of Internet users in history. At the end of 2012, Facebook had 1.06Billion active users out of an estimated 2.4Billion Internet users worldwide. Facebook users spend a lot of time using Facebook. Its impact has been so significant, search engines now weigh social media engagement in determining local and general search rankings and mobile devices are designed to work with Facebook’s interface. For many of your customers, Facebook IS the Internet.

This full day workshop will give you a strong foundation to build an attractive and informative profile for your business covering;

  • How Facebook works
  • Establishing your profile
  • Establishing your business profile
  • Privacy and sharing settings
  • Making friends in your neighbourhoods
  • Using images to build business
  • Posting to a business profile
  • Social media policies

Participants will be required to register for a, (or use an existing) Facebook profile. Participants are also expected to bring their own laptop or mobile device.

Google Plus for Business (Full day session)

Although often overlooked, Google Plus is one of the most important social media platforms in the market today. It is a crucial element in achieving strong rankings in the Google search engine. As the second biggest Social Media platform in the world, Google Plus has several elements that are extremely valuable to marketers and businesses.

Advanced Google Plus for Business: Hangouts On Air (Full day session)

Related to the Hangout function, Hangouts On Air (HOA) are live video-casts from your company that are recorded indexed in YouTube. With the ability to add production value through annotations and text, these videos can increase traffic, improve search results and increase conversion rates.

toolmanA Social Marketer’s Toolbox (1/2 day session)

There are a wide array of tools social marketers use to maximize their time, increase their social contacts, and expand the scope of their engagements. Digital Always Media specializes in using social media tools to measure and understand the social media environment.

This two hour seminar covers a variety of software tools that make life easier for social media marketers, coaches and developers.

  • Learn techniques that save hours per day
  • Understand how to measure social media engagement
  • Sample tools that allow you to integrate your conversations across several social platforms

Parenting & Social Media (3 hour session)

Alan K'necht presenting Parenting & Social Media

This lecture/training session is available as either a 1 or 2 hour program. It has been especially designed for both parents and children (recommended 8 years old and older) to teach them how to embrace the power and benefits of social media while at the same time protecting everyone’s safety and privacy (especially their children).

DAM’ partner Alan K’necht has written several articles on this subject for a variety of publications. One of the best received was this two part series written for Social Times

Parenting & Social Media Part 1 — 5 Tips to Keep Your Children Safe

Parenting & Social Media Part 2 — What Every Parent Should Know about Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, and More

Some of the topics covered during this session inlcude:

  • Facebook privacy & security settings
  • How to allow safely share information online
  • Where the perils of of social media are and how to avoid them
  • FourSquare and other stocking apps – how to use them correctly.
  • Twitter – is it the right tool for kids or parents to share information
  • How to monitor emails
  • Setting up automatic alters

Pricing for this program is $1,500 for either the 1 or 2 hour program plus travel expenses (not currently available as an on-line program). Digital Always Media offers public schools and non-profit organizations a discounted price upto 40% off. Please contact us for more details.