Webtrends End-User Training

Webtrends End-user TrainingOffering one of the most comprehensive analytics packages, Webtrends is a powerful tool for companies and organizations that need to fully understand their web traffic.

Digital analyst Alan K’necht has offered  end-user Webtrends training and analysis since 1995. He has helped organizations of all sizes get the most out of their Webtrends installation through interactive and hands-on training sessions.

There are no prerequisite for these courses, just a keen interest to learn what the numbers mean, how to apply them and how to get the most out your investment in Webtrends. We provide training for all versions of Webtrends.

Webtrends training workshops are fully customizable to meet your organizations specific needs.

Typical Webtrends End-User Training Agenda

  • Overview to using Webtrends
  • Standard terminology in web analytics
  • the proper configuration of web logs
  • Understanding when you need multiple profiles
  • Determining your KPI (Key Performance Indicators)
  • Which reports help you measure and report on your KPI
  • Pros & Cons of Webtrends meta tags vs. Software configuration (SDC or Ondemand only)
  • Why you need Content Groups and how to configure them
  • Scenario Analysis
  • How to split paid from organic search traffic
  • SmartView (Professional & Enterprise Versions Only)
  • When you should use a Path Analysis
  • How to configure a Path Analysis
  • Why have custom report templates
  • Configuring custom reprot templates
  • Measuring on-line marketing campaings
  • Converstion tracking & reporting
  • Overview to the power of custom reports

Length And Format

This course is taught over a 1 or 2 day period at your facility and scheduled at your convenience. Alternately, longer engagements are available if you would prefer to go into more depth with greater supervised practice time or if you’d like us install and configure Webtrends for you during our engagement.

For more information on our Webtrends end-user training programs, or to request a quote please contact us or call 416.855.6351.

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