Webcology #402 – The Four Daily Habits of Successful SEOs

The Four Daily Habits of Successful SEOs

Air Date: August 11, 2016


Dave Davies and I discuss our own SEO work habits following an article in Search Engine Land by John E. Lincoln titled The 4 daily habits of the most successful SEOs. Here are John’s four essential habits, with some of our ideas added on.

  1. Study (the news like crazy). I generally spend the first hour or so every morning reading industry news over coffee. There are several publications in the SEO/SEM space. John mentions a number in his piece. He didn’t mention a few I’d recommend like The SEMPost, Search Engine Journal, WebProNews and TechCrunch.
  2. Review what’s working with analytics and ranking tools. That’s generally good advice. Before working on anything, get a sense of where things stand now or if you suddenly need to reprioritize your day.
  3. Act, don’t just talk. That basically says it I guess. SEOs solve problems.
  4. Improve your skills and sites. Real SEOs get their hands dirty deep in code, css, and script. Knowing how to strip down and rebuild a site is critical to knowing how to make that site work better.

We also talked over a whollop of Google stuff but lead the second segment with the news that AOL and Arianna are parting ways:

  • Arianna Huffington stepped down from HuffPost. Huffington said the new health and wellness company she is launching, Thrive Global, demands her full-time attention. Thrive will start sometime in November.
  • Links still Crucial, as explained by Jason deMers in Search Engine Land
  • Google Brain team taking questions in a massive AMA at Reddit (during our live air-time, Thursdays 2pmET)
  • Google Ranking Factors 2016 edition
    – Content & Links Are the Two Most Important Ranking Signals. RankBrain – Third Most Important Factor.
  • Click-Through Rate (CTR) is Not a Ranking Factor
  • Google Confirms 301, 302, 3xx redirects Do Not Lose PageRank Value
  • Google Updates Search Quality Guidelines

Jim Hedger

Jim Hedger is an organic SEO and digital marketing specialist. Jim has been involved in the online marketing industry since 1998 and a SEO since 1999. Best known as a broadcaster, interviewer, content writer and search industry commentator, Jim is a frequent conference speaker and organizer. He hosts the search focused radio show Webcology on WebmasterRadio.FM and is a WebmasterRadio.FM conference interviewer. Jim brings a wealth of knowledge, experience, passion and creative thinking to each project. Preferring a teamwork approach, Jim strives to inform and train his clients and their staff to run and maintain their own search and social media efforts.

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